My name is Florence, and I’m a jewellery designer and maker working out of Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter. I’m passionate about making beautiful designs that become ‘everyday heirloom’ pieces which can – in their own small and sparkly way – bring daily joy to their wearer.

How did Tiding of Magpies come about? Well, at the risk of sounding like a university personal statement, I’ve always been a passionate maker…no, really. I grew up learning and practising sewing, knitting, scrapbooking, painting, jewellery-making – pretty much anything I could make by hand. A History degree, a shift into marketing, and a move to Brum later, I’m pursuing my love of creating and of all things shiny.

I create eye-catching designs from sterling and fine silver and semi-precious stones, using a mixture of traditional and modern silversmithing techniques. I take inspiration from historical designs, found objects and 21st century minimalism, focusing on the possibilities of shape and texture within delicate jewellery pieces. Each piece I create is a reflection of both past and present; a vintage button could inspire a modern pendant, whilst techniques with precious metal clay might prompt the creation of a replica Tudor coin charm.

This blog is a mixture of my inspirations, historical titbits and a peek at my design process. Get in touch or leave me a comment – I’m always keen to chat to other creatives in particular!